Freakin' Sunday

Wham bam thank you Mam!

Huge day (and some may say strange) at Klagan with most people rigging 4.0-4.2, and overpowered. I was relieved to see that the water was pretty high when I arrived around 11.00, rigged my 3.7, got spanked, went in to wait a while for it to drop... didn't happen. Went out again after some lunch, flattened the hell out of the little Simmer and found it a bit more manageable.

Patrik 'körde hårt' in usual style with him, at the start of the session, being the only one on the water. Then came some speeders, Uffe was smokin' some good runs, clocking averages around 32kts with a top of 35kts (I think). It was crazy seeing him powered up speeding past at a blistering pace, gybing and crashing in 12 inches of water... that man is possessed.

With reports that the water had disappeared from Lomma it didn't take too long to notice it getting more and more shallow at Klagan too. In the end, a couple of us stopped sailing (apart from the wind dropping a bit) 'cause we ran out of room to sail on the 'inside', I scraped the sand bottom a few too many times. And a huge bank of seaweed has now been blown up in front of the 'bunker', looks like it's there to stay until the next easterly storm rocks the point.

Cudos to the hardened 'intemediates' who where there throwing everything at the weather, guys and gals. Just so you know, it doesn't get much windier than that. One dude was there with a 5.8 and killing it for hours.

Sorry, no photos,