Hjälp behövs med borttagning av stenmarkeringar.

[Done. Thanks to those who came to freeze their fingers and even some toes.]

It's that time of the year now, when the unglamorous job of taking in the buoys and poles that mark where our beloved stones lie.

You might ask – but why!?

Well, even though it hasn't happened for some years it is still possible for the bay to freeze over with the risk that the ice can drag the buoys and anchors with it. Many hours of work has gone into making those stone anchors and no-one want's to do it again. It can be miserable work to take in the buoys when the weather gets colder so unfortunately it has to be done sooner rather than later.

So, we need help to make the process easier. It is generally done in a morning or afternoon. There are two teams, one in the boat who do the 'hästjobb' and the others on land to carry them from the boat to the storage area. We are planning to this on the next 'pleasant' weekend day.

This year we'll be leaving some of the inner most buoys in place for those who want to sail in the shallows, with a few of us taking them in by foot when we think it's too cold to sail or the chance of ice is getting closer.

If you can help out send an SMS to me on 0708 42 82 42.