Winter windsurf - for those who don't like to get wet

In the last few weeks there has been increased interest in getting back out there, not in the water but on it. With the cold weather we've been having lately some lakes are freezing over around Skåne, and for many of us this has taken our gaze away from the coast and focussed it inland.

This poses the question, what's the best or easiest way of getting moving on the ice. There are a few variations of boards one can make that can involve skis, snowboards, ice boat variations, attaching långfärdsskridskor to skateboard trucks, the list goes on. The easiest, quickest and most user friendly has been christened 'Fattigmans issurf' or 'Soppsleven'.

As the name suggests, the crux of this system is the attachment of a soup serving spoon to the bottom of your rig (under mast base)... strap on some ice skates, find some wind and off you go! It doesn't have to be a soppslev, the one I tried was a hockey puck that had been screwed onto the thread of the mast base - someone even mentioned using a tennis ball. This has been discussed a bit on the Surfzone thread. At first I just didn't get it until I saw it in action, was then able to try it... easy. As long as you have some ability on skates, have the necessary protection (helmet knee elbow etc) then anyone can scoot along.

The thought of speeding along with a loose rig in hand seemed strange but you soon see that all the mechanics are there. Here's a clip posted by jopi on Surfzone's forum:

If anyone is interested in getting together to give it a go. Write a comment and we'll see if we can get some sort of race together.

För dom som vill veta mer om vad man kan göra på hårt vatten:


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