En gång till!

With a freshening wind, clean ice and an increased field of competitors by twofold from the first mästerskap, yet another Soppslevstävling was held at Fjällfotasjön, on the outskirts of Malmö.

Ten willing die-hards jostled for positions throughout four races. It was all pretty hectic firing off the first two back-to-back, in for a quick cuppa then back out to finish off the day with two more races. A dark-horse, Pontus Giselsson, joined the field for race 3 & 4 and gave Daniel, who had dominated the first two races, 'a good run for his money' coming in second and then winning the last race. It was clearly Daniel Nerhagen's day being victorious in 3 races and finishing second in the fourth. He was (consistently) followed by Kalle Jönsson finishing overall second, with Putte (the reining champ) coming third. And now the question is, 'Vem slår SWE-31!' at the next meet? (if the ice holds up for the weeks to come)

Gotta give a big thanks to Janne for marshaling the races (who wasn't competing due to the previous weeks injuries) and doubling as press photographer.

Anyone who is interested has to come out and give it a go, if you can stand on skates and have a rig... it's easy and a hoot.

Film supplied by Daniel Nerhagen

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