Stenmarkingar - rapport

Finally, it's complete. It's taken a bit or work but that's probably due to the fact that we have stumbled across almost 20 new stones. Surprisingly, a few have disappeared from last year which is more proof that some sandbanks have risen, swallowing up some of the smaller stones, bummer.

Word of caution: last year we marked a large rock that was a long way in eastwards (south east direction from clubhouse about 250m) as more and more people were sailing in that direction. But on our way out there this year we saw so many other stones in the shallows that it became ridiculous to start marking them all, and dangerous to lead people out in that direction. So unfortunately we have removed that marking and warn people not to sail on the inside past where the existing markings finish (easwards of the poles). Enter at your own risk.

If anyone feels like translating this article, feel free. Add it as a comment and I'll gladly exchange them.